2018-2019 Pride Fund Donors

The following families and individuals have pledged and/or contributed for Academic Year 2018-2019 as of December 1, 2018 
We would like to recognize your important support of CIS. Thank you!

Leadership Society ($5,000 and above)

Vitalija and John Bechtold

Head’s Association ($2,500 to $4,999)

James and Marieta Fairlamb

Richard and Kimberly Reardon

William and Bridgid Kinney

Kelly and Greg Della Rocca

Bill and Lisa Morrissey

Drew and Shari Hamilton

Nathanael and Tammy Berneking

Donna Cook

Christine Franzese and Michael Shoemaker-Moyle

1998 Society ($1,000 to $2,499) 

Dexi Zeng and Taohua Wen

Amr Abdelaziz and Aya Farag

Amruta Padhye and Dennis Chairman

Christina McCrae and Jason Craggs

Camila Manrique-Acevedo and Guido Lastra

Natalie Kirchhoff

Robert and Kristen Coyle

Travis and Melissa Cook

Eston Schwartz and Raonak Ekram

Gary Myers and Bridget Kevin-Myers

Raymond and Laine Walker

Peter and Catherine Cleavinger

Adam and Elizabeth Dubé

Jack and Karin Miller

John and Patricia Appel

Robert and Cindy Mize

Larry and Brenda Potterfield

Hao Zhang and Honglei Wang

Blue and Gold Club ($500 to $999) 

Aaron and Heather East

Fatima Naseer and Syed Barizuddin

Keiichi and Juri Kuroki

Keith Herman and Wendy Reinke

Jeremy and Dawn Brown

Annie and William Devoy

Chris and Tracy Bach

Otto and Stella Maly

Ann and Frank Miller

Robert and Clare Devoy

Sandra and Gary Jones

Kimberly and Eric Kimchi

Justin and Kathy Perry

John and Elaine Thompson

Ariana and Seth Turner

Stefanie and George Zimny

 Honor Roll ($250 to $499)

Stephen and Christine Sayers

Jeffrey and Beth Kline

Kari Dowell

Karen and Curtis Davis

Trey and Paige Davis

Tom and Ruby Balsley

Tabitha and Quinn Johnson

Cody Maly

Sydney Maly

Michael and Carolyn Chapman

Gary and Connie Fennewald

Timothy and Cheryl Holekamp

Brooke and Mussa Omar

Supporters (up to $249)

Elizabeth Buko

Michelle Medenis

Alexandra Moulton

DuoJia Qian

Lindsey Schlotzhauer

Jordan Pruis

Katie Gaebler

Jason and Candace Bricker

Jeff and Jill Hancock

Jessica Montgomery

Nathan and Elizabeth Mudrick

Trina Ferling

John and Tracy Hager

Jessie and Jim Yankee

Matt and Paula Zeitz

Sarah Parks

Bob and Amy Buckley

Brian and Maryna Stuhlman

Timothy and Cindy Bullard

Michael and Ashley Burden

Lisa Montgomery and Mike Snyder

Christina Moore

Carla Robinson

Chris Vasquez

Ghaith Abdulkarim and Sarah Alkuhlani

Anthony and Deena Beckett

Morched Ben-Ayed

Oyen and Osaze Edo-Ohonba

Elizabeth Janda

Kevin and Lisa McClary

Brian and Gwen Struchtemeyer

Jing Sun and Liqun Gu

Theodore and Leila Willmore

Maegan Cooper

Alexandria Otis

Kenneth and Elizabeth Edwards

Sarah Primmer

Emma Steele

Derek and Allison Clifton

Jodee and Jason Ewalt

Leanna and Gayle Leake

Megan Pursifull

Mehrunissa Ali

Karen and Dan Atwill

Eric and Jennifer Briner

Gary Dou and Lyzbeth Collazo

Glen Ehrhardt

Ben and Katy Faber

Michael and Cindy Hemme

Les and Karen Lampe

Joe and Patricia Mountain

Courtney Perry

Dennis and Kara Rohr

Abigail and Jack Araúz Chase

Kevin and Christy Ashley

Chad and Angie Bass

David and Deb Bollinger

Laura and Justin Browning

Tracey and Steve Curry

Jerry Dowell

Dwayne and Linda Forinash

Loukas Grafakos and Suzanne Tourville

Kristen and Daniel Jackson

Richard and Elizabeth King

Erin Kuhl

Alison LaCarrubba and Corey Lieberman

Karen and Mont Levy

Jeff and Susan Litt

Jim and Carol Murray

LG and Melissa Patterson

Jackie and Bill Patton

Ron and Sarah Schlimme