2019-2020 Pride Fund Donors

The following families and individuals have pledged and/or contributed for Academic Year 2019-20 since October 17, 2019.
We would like to recognize your important support of CIS. Thank you!

Leadership Society ($5,000 and above)

Joe and Kimberly Reardon

Bill and Lisa Morrissey

Robert J. Trulakse, Jr. Family Foundation

Head’s Association ($2,500 to $4,999)

James and Marieta Fairlamb

Greg and Kelly Della Rocca

Jack and Karin Miller

Brant and Jennifer Bukowsky

William and Bridgid Kinney

1998 Society ($1,000 to $2,499) 

Michael Shoemaker-Moyle and Christine Franzese

Michael and Zorina Hauan

Amr Abdelaziz and Aya Farag

Dexi Zeng and Taohua Wen

Travis and Melissa Cook

Robert and Kristen Coyle

Keith Herman and Wendy Reinke

Jason Craggs and Christina McCrae

Dennis Chairman and Amruta Padhye

Eston Schwartz and Raonak Ekram

Raymond Walker and Laine Young-Walker

Gary Myers and Bridget Kevin-Myers

Drew and Shari Hamilton

Chris and Tracy Bach

Joss and Kristen Fernandez

Stinson Tillerson and Allyson Walker

Blue and Gold Club ($500 to $999) 

Robert and Clare Devoy

Jerry and Heather East

Jeremy and Dawn Brown

Jeremy and Carla Kuhlmann

Keiichi and Juri Kuroki

Daniel and Susan Simon

Flavia Martins

William and Annie Devoy

Christine Sayers

Adam and Beth Dubé

 Honor Roll ($250 to $499)

Michael and Carolyn Chapman

Jeffrey and Kirsten Craver

Sarah Primmer

Karen Davis

Charles and Carolyn Allen

Kari Dowell

Richard and Elizabeth King

Thomas and Ruby Balsley

Quinn and Tabitha Johnson

Supporters (up to $249)

Samantha Buckridge

Kevin and Lisa McClary

Theodore and Leila Willmore

Christopher and Maria Dubrick Kennel

Dylan and Emma Caldieraro

Trevor Fowler

Kenneth and Beth Edwards

Elizabeth Janda

Jason and Jodee Ewalt

Christina Moore

Sara Potterfield

Brian Stuhlman

Paula Zeitz

Michael Burden

Carla Robinson

Kari Mallette

Jill Hancock

Jessica Lewis

Jessica Montgomery

Jordan Pruis

Katie Gaebler

Michelle Medenis

Grace LaRose

Mary and Orus Coffield

Maegan Cooper

Amy Buckley

Glen and Lenore Ehrhardt

Jason Bricker

Megan Pursifull

Wei Xu