Academic Bowl Competes at Nationals

May 17, 2018

CIS has three middle school academic bowl teams, and all three qualified for nationals, but only the A team traveled to Chicago. The A team had two goals this year—win the state title and make it to playoffs at nationals. They accomplished both. The “A” team traveled to Chicago this past week and competed in the Middle School National Championship Tournament hosted by NAQT. The team’s members are Will, Teague, Asher, and Yogev in the seventh and eighth grade.

192 of the best teams from around the country came to play. Everyone plays on Saturday. Teams with a winning record (5-3 or better) go to the playoffs on Sunday. CIS went into the 8th game with a 4-3 record…and they won! Mission accomplished.

On Sunday, a team will be out if they lose two games. CIS won the first one. And ten the second! At that point, a new goal was created—get in the top 32 in order to get a trophy. They lost the third, but rallied and won the 4th! Trophy time! They lost the fifth game and were knocked out of the playoffs, but won a trophy for tying for 21st! (The team that beat them went on to take 8th place.)