ACHIEVE Parent Portal Now Available At CIS

CIS has instituted a new online system that will allow parents to track student grades and progress. The system is known as ACHIEVE and is both convenient and secure.
In the past few days, every family should have received instructions and passwords for use with the new system.  The website you will access is

Upon receiving your login and password, go to the above website and enter your login and password. Once you are in, view the menu on the left.  Click on “Classes” to view grades.  Next, go to the drop-down menus in order to select your child (this is automatic for families with one child at CIS), and then select Semester 1. You will see all of the courses listed, along with a grade for each course (please note that all PE classes, if listed, will show a grade of 0 since we use a different grading format – excellent, satisfactory, or unsatisfactory – at the end of the semester).  To see assignment details in a course, click on the name of the course and you will see a breakdown of all the grades so far.

The teachers have also written comments for each child.  These do not show up on the parent portal.  Instead, I will be e-mailing your family these comments as a .pdf attachment in the next day.

From now on, you will be able to login to Achieve at your leisure to see grade updates for your child.  Contact me if you have any questions or need any technical assistance with Achieve.   Thank you for your support as we begin this new form of communication.