Two More Exchange Students Settle In At CIS

Two more exchange students have arrived at CIS through AFS and we could not be more excited! AFS is an organization that helps bring exchange students from around the world to study in the USA. This brings the total to FOUR exchange students at CIS for the 2018 - 19 school year! Read Nine and Eric’s profiles here and read Stefano Maugeri (pictured left) and Karen Tajima’s (pictured right) below!


Name: Karen Tajima

Grade: 10th

Country: Japan

Number of Siblings: One, an older brother.

Host Family: The Davis Family

Reason for Studying Abroad: I wanted to be able to speak English and I like to learn another country’s culture.

Favorite Subject in School: Chemistry

Best part of Columbia, MO: The best part has been walking around downtown with my friends and watching movies with my host family.

Favorite American Food: My host mother’s cooking.

Future Career: I am not sure. I might find it while studying abroad.

Name: Stefano Maugeri

Grade: 11th

Country: Italy

Number of Siblings: One

Host Family: The Montgomery Snyder Family

Reason for Studying Abroad: I wanted to be more daring, autonomous, and broaden my knowledge on English and society.

Favorite Subject in School: In Italy, my favorite is History. In America, my favorite is English.

Best part of Columbia, MO: The nice people and beautiful scenery.

Favorite American Food: Corn Dogs

Future Career: Architect