CIS Teacher Clinches Coach of the Year Award


Congratulations to teacher Lisa McClary as she has been recognized as the Class 1 Academic Bowl Coach of the Year for 2017-2018. This award follows her recognition as the middle school coach of the year in 2016-2017.

This is her fourth year as the coach of the middle school team and her third as the coach of the high school team. The high school team already existed at CIS, but she started the middle school program. She coached for one year at her previous school. She was introduced to Academic Bowl through her son, Steven, who played or coached from 7-12 grade. 

There are three CIS Academic Bowl teams: 6th grade currently has 8 players, the 7-8 grade middle school team has 22 players, and the high school team has 11 players.

Academic Bowl.jpg

The middle school team has qualified for nationals all three years of the program's existence, but they never made it into the finals round until last May--where they not only made the finals, but they also kept on winning, finishing tied for 21st out of 192 competitive teams from across the United States. That capped off a season where they won the Missouri Middle School Championships (after having come in second the previous two years). They have truly established themselves as one of the best teams in the country. 

The high school team finished second in state two years ago. The current team is young and they're working to get back to that level of competition. With the level of talent on that team, it shouldn't take long! Coach McClary would like them to go to the state championship within two years. 


In three years (and despite their relatively small size), CIS Middle School Academic Bowl has become a force at the state level and competitive at the national level. This year, the middle school teams have a goal to win every tournament we enter and place at least 12th at nationals.

Coach McClary has goals for her teams too. “I think they can do it, too. In five years, I would like the middle school to still be performing at this high level. As for the high school, I would like to see them win state! Until that time, we'll work on winning Junior Varsity tournaments and competing at the same level as teams from the largest high schools in the area.”

Giving them the opportunity to shine through Academic Bowl has been one of the highlights of my teaching career. I love it!

Two More Exchange Students Settle In At CIS

Two more exchange students have arrived at CIS through AFS and we could not be more excited! AFS is an organization that helps bring exchange students from around the world to study in the USA. This brings the total to FOUR exchange students at CIS for the 2018 - 19 school year! Read Nine and Eric’s profiles here and read Stefano Maugeri (pictured left) and Karen Tajima’s (pictured right) below!


Name: Karen Tajima

Grade: 10th

Country: Japan

Number of Siblings: One, an older brother.

Host Family: The Davis Family

Reason for Studying Abroad: I wanted to be able to speak English and I like to learn another country’s culture.

Favorite Subject in School: Chemistry

Best part of Columbia, MO: The best part has been walking around downtown with my friends and watching movies with my host family.

Favorite American Food: My host mother’s cooking.

Future Career: I am not sure. I might find it while studying abroad.

Name: Stefano Maugeri

Grade: 11th

Country: Italy

Number of Siblings: One

Host Family: The Montgomery Snyder Family

Reason for Studying Abroad: I wanted to be more daring, autonomous, and broaden my knowledge on English and society.

Favorite Subject in School: In Italy, my favorite is History. In America, my favorite is English.

Best part of Columbia, MO: The nice people and beautiful scenery.

Favorite American Food: Corn Dogs

Future Career: Architect

2018 Butterfly Release

The CIS first graders look forward to the annual butterfly release that takes place in their science classes. Science teacher, Sarah Parks, teaches the students about the lifecycle of a butterfly, starting from a caterpillar.

The students have watched the full grown caterpillars make their chrysalises and transform into beautiful butterflies over the past couple of weeks. This week, the butterflies were ready to be released into nature to start the life cycle over again. The kiddos were so excited to be able to hold the butterflies and see them flutter away into the sky!


Serving Those Who Serve


A few student council members from Lower School and Middle/Upper School baked and delivered chocolate chip cookies to important people in our community. CIS takes time to recognize “those who serve” annually on September 11. Upper school students and Mr. Bricker delivered cookies to the Boone County Sheriff’s Department, the District Fire Protection Agency, and our local Police Station and thanked our local first responders for their service. Fifth grade students thanked those who serve us right here at school. A huge thanks to Miss Julie, Mr. Mick, Mr. Fowler, Nurse Lindsey, Mrs. Pearson, and Ms. Ferling.

IMG_3209 (1).jpg

Exchange Students Venture to Columbia, MO!


AFS is a wonderful organization that helps bring exchange students from around the world to study in the USA! They've brought 9th graders Nine Pothichanprasert (pictured left) and Eric Lin (pictured right) to CIS this school year and we are so happy to have them be a part of the family. 

Please read their profiles below to learn more about them! 

Name: Eric Lin

Grade: 9th

Country: China

Number of Siblings: One

Host Family: The Mizes

Reason for Studying Abroad: I wanted to experience a new environment.

Favorite Subject in School: The Cube at CIS

Best part of Columbia, MO: The MKT Trail 

Favorite American Food: Steak

Future Career: Engineer


Name: Nine Pothichanprasert

Grade: 9th

Country: Thailand

Number of Siblings: Two

Host Family: The Morrisseys

Reason for Studying Abroad: I wanted to make more friends and learn new things.

Favorite Subject in School: The Cube at CIS

Best part of Columbia, MO: CIS

Favorite American Food: Steak

Future Career: Architect