Strategic Focus

by Adam Dubé, Head of School

Focus. Vision. Insight. Foresight. Hindsight. We use many words related to the act of seeing when analyzing our behaviors and actions. A manager who leads her company to success is said to have great foresight. A person who lacks insight easily sees the faults in others, while ignoring those in himself. Though hindsight is said to be 20/20, I’ve repeated enough mistakes in my life to know it’s not quite that perfect. A person with a vision has the unique ability to see things as they might be, rather than how they currently are.

At Columbia Independent School, our school adopted a new Strategic Focus last spring. The four areas related to this focus are: Academic Programs; School Community; Teaching and Learning; and Upper School Program.

We chose the word “focus” for several reasons. First, the ability to focus means seeing things clearly, and often requires adjusting or adapting your perspective to the current conditions. Focus is also an intentional act in which we turn our gaze in a specific direction. Finally, focus is the ability to ignore peripheral distractions that might cause us to shift our view from what’s at the center, which for CIS is preparing our students for college and beyond.

Over the next four blog posts, I will discuss the four areas of our Strategic Focus, the related goals, and how CIS is addressing each.