Welcome to CIS!

Adam M. Dubé, Head of School

Adam M. Dubé, Head of School


Dear Friends,

Columbia Independent School is a place of opportunity. As the only independent, college preparatory school in Central Missouri, CIS students and families come from diverse backgrounds to join our school and to explore the many opportunities and experiences that only a small school like CIS can offer.

While many families initially pursue our school because of our strong reputation for academics and our excellent outcomes in preparing students for college, they find that the opportunities to learn and grow extend well beyond traditional learning. In our lower and middle schools, every student studies the visual or performing arts, modern language (Spanish, French, Mandarin), Latin (beginning in middle school), and physical education, in addition to classes in math, history, science, and English. With our Center for Inspiration, Innovation, and Investigation, students in JK - 12 have the opportunity to learn skills in computer coding, 3D design and printing, and other Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) skills that prepare them for the future they will inherit. Our advisory programs emphasize communication skills, character development, and empathy.

Our upper school program is built around the ideals of student engagement and participation. Students take an active role in leading class discussions and enjoy close, meaningful relationships with their peers. Teachers serve as mentors, guiding students both academically, as well as ethically, as our students grow to become leaders and global citizens. CIS students are not bound to specific roles and activities. Each student can be an artist, athlete, and academic - and many of our upper school students choose to be all three.

I invite you to join us for a tour of our school. See the joy of our JK - 12 environment. And experience more at CIS.


Adam M. Dubé
Head of School