College Counseling Philosophy and Curriculum

Columbia Independent School’s demanding and dynamic curriculum and our many opportunities outside the classroom serve to cultivate introspective, innovative, and interesting young people who become engaged participants in their collegiate careers and beyond. With this in mind, we strive to demystify and humanize the college search process by placing the focus on each individual student and his or her needs.

Our college counselor works with all students and their parents through the college search and application process to develop and foster the following qualities in students:

  • Self-Awareness and Authenticity:  Occurring over four years of high school, the college search process ultimately rests upon the work of self-discovery and will focus on “fit” in a way that helps students identify their own focus and goals in life.  

  • Initiative and Independence: Students are responsible for labor-intensive tasks such as researching colleges, knowing and meeting deadlines, and staying organized. They should take responsibility for planning college visits and meeting all admission requirements.

  • Discernment of complexity: Navigating the many pathways through the college search process is hard work and sometimes confusing. The process relies upon the student’s training in how to think critically, ask good questions, and self-advocate.

  • Tolerance for uncertainty: The process of discovering colleges to which to apply, then meeting the requirements for those applications, and finally receiving decisions occurs over several months. Students work to grow comfortable with the long wait and the element of uncertainty in the process.

The following outlines the responsibilities of the school, the student, and the parents over the four-year college search process: