Meaningful Connections


Choosing your child’s school is one of the most important decisions you can make as a parent. The educational experience can shape who your child will be, so we encourage families to make the choice with information and intention. At Columbia Independent School, you can give her the opportunity to love learning, to develop strong bonds with her teachers, and to be confident in her ability to overcome challenges. You can give him the gift of a learning environment where he is known as an individual, and teachers can provide support or raise expectations, depending on his talents. If you choose to enroll your child at CIS, you will be forging a partnership with an entire community of people who will know, love, support and challenge him or her.

CIS is unlike any other school in Central Missouri. Our youngest students are introduced to modern languages, science, art and music, while literacy and math are emphasized daily. And yet they are given lots of time to play and explore, as we know this is when some of the most important learning happens. They learn about the world through our Global Perspectives curriculum, and they explore communities close to home. Students develop skills in the design process in our Cube Innovation Lab, where they take things apart, build something new, and learn how to try again if their first effort fails. Additionally, they learn how to be a good friend and a good citizen via our character curriculum.


In middle school, your child takes a leap forward in becoming a more independent student, but it is not without support. Our dedicated teachers are available before, during and after school to help students master the material they are studying. Students in 6th grade take a Learn to Learn class, where they gain the executive functioning skills needed to stay organized amid the assignments and exams handed out by several teachers, instead of one. They take Latin to boost reading comprehension and support their modern language selection. Class trips venture further away from home, competitive sports offer new challenges, and arts opportunities deepen.


The upper school is the capstone of our program, where students truly start down a path of differentiation that leads to the selection of a college and the discovery of a calling. Students elect classes that pique their interests and devote time to longer-term projects. College counseling takes place throughout the upper school years and facilitates a process of self-discovery that allows them to find the right fit for college.With the support of teachers and our college counselor, they tackle our college-preparatory curriculum, prepare for SATs and ACTs, visit campuses, and submit college and scholarship applications. They spend time in community service (a graduation requirement), participate in our annual Intersession, and have the opportunity to join an international service trip.

CIS students develop meaningful connections with their teachers, their schoolmates, their curriculum, their community and the globe. We see our students growing into confident, capable leaders who are ready for the challenges of adulthood. CIS graduates are shining examples of how the right preparation helps them make an impact on the world.

If you want your child to be a global citizen prepared for the challenges of college and life, contact our admissions office now. We encourage you to gather the information you need to make the right school choice for your family.


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