Cody Maly - Class of 2014

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Never playing soccer before didn’t stop CIS alumnus Cody Maly from being a member of the CIS soccer team. “My favorite thing was probably the soccer team with Mr. B and Coach Curtis. I had never played before but I had a blast learning and kicking the ball as hard as I could,” Cody remembers.

Cody Maly attended CIS from 1st to 12th grade and graduated in 2014. Following high school graduation, Cody went to Stanford University and is currently in the senior year of his undergraduate career. He will receive his Bachelor of Science degree in Management Science and Engineering in June 2019. Following his graduation, Cody is considering a one-year masters program in Public Policy, or perhaps law school. Finance, sports management, and law are all careers he says he finds interesting and might pursue.

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Cody recalls that CIS really helped him with his academics to make sure he was getting all of the resources and feedback that he needed to succeed. Being in the smaller, more individualized environment motivated him to be more interactive and ask questions, and those habits carried over once he got to college. The smaller environment also promoted strong bonds with everyone around him, which helped him to realize the importance of creating those relationships in college and in adult life.

Cody has one piece of advice for current students. “I would say to work hard but most of all have fun with all of your classes, extracurriculars, and people around you.”