9th Grade College Counseling


9th Grade

The goal for every 9th grader is to adjust to the demands of high school, to begin cultivating a strong sense of self, and to become involved in the life of the school and the world around them. 9th grade is a year to develop the skills necessary for taking part in the college search process.

What we do:

  • Meet with students prior to their 9th grade year to review graduation requirements and discuss the course options (e.g. taking one or two languages, electives, etc.).

  • Meet with students regularly to discuss self-discovery, initiative, independence, executive function and other essential skills for planning one’s future.

What parents do:

  • Support their child in his or her interests, while also helping them adjust to the challenges of the upper school curriculum.

  • Assist your student in creating interesting summer plans.

  • Attend parent meeting in March.

What students do:

  • Read a book or a newspaper outside of classroom requirements.

  • Get involved.

  • Stay balanced. Don’t feel like you need to do it all.  Focus on depth over breadth when choosing your extracurricular activities.  

  • Use the Career finding tools and assessments in Naviance.

  • Identify a select number of activities that are of high interest to you and invest time and energy doing what you love.

  • Meet with your teachers outside of the classroom.

  • Begin developing relationships both with new friends and with new teachers.

  • Eat well, exercise, and get enough sleep.

  • Learn time management skills. Keep an organized calendar or agenda.

  • Work hard in school and stay focused.

  • Consider community service with an organization that supports your interests and priorities.

  • Explore Columbia and all that this great town has to offer.

  • Attend CIS College Fair in April.

  • Use your summer to expand your horizons. Research fun and exciting summer opportunities that offer a chance to learn something new or to deepen prior knowledge on a subject of interest.