12th Grade College Counseling


12th grade

Wrapping up the final year of high school, seniors prepare for the future ahead of them. Senior year is the time for students to make decisions on what they want to do after their high school career.

What we do:

  • Host a meeting for parents in August.

  • Host a college essay writing workshop evening in August.

  • Host a Financial Aid Evening in September (for parents and students).

  • Help students manage deadlines of upcoming applications.

  • Offer mandatory College Counseling Elective to manage college and scholarship applications.

  • Meet weekly with seniors to finalize college list and process applications.

What parents do:

  • Attend Senior Parent College meeting in August.

  • Attend the Financial Aid Evening in September.

  • Beginning October 1st, complete FAFSA and CSS Profile.

  • Discuss your student’s list of colleges.

  • Ensure you student has completed either the ACT or SAT with a satisfactory score.

  • Make sure your student is working on college essays and applications by checking in on deadlines and reminding student of upcoming due dates.

What students do:

  • Work with your college counselor to refine and finalize your list of schools.

  • Manage deadlines and stay on top of due dates.

  • Continue to research and apply for scholarship opportunities.

  • Finalize and polish college essays.

  • Complete college applications.