11th Grade College Counseling


11th Grade

As students head into the junior year, they should continue to strive for balance in their young lives. The junior year is the most crucial for college admissions.

What we do:

  • Administer PSAT/NMSQT in October.

  • Administer Practice ACT and Practice SAT in January/February.

  • Meet with junior parents and students individually in January/February.

  • Offer SAT/ACT tutoring through our partnership with Revolution Prep.

  • Meet weekly with students to prepare the fundamental elements necessary for the admissions process (i.e. resume, college list, etc.).

What parents do:

  • Help your student register for the ACT/SAT (both the practice tests and the real deal).

  • Work with your student to plan college visits in the spring of junior year, and in the summer before senior year. Plan to have all college visits completed before the beginning of senior year.

  • Attend the Junior Parent/Student individual college meetings in January/February.

  • Write your Recommendation Letter -- due to Ms. Buko by April 1.

  • Have a frank and honest conversation about financing college (with your son/daughter and partner).

  • If your son or daughter plans to compete in college athletics, assist him or her in signing up for the NCAA Clearinghouse or the Play NAIA Center.

What students do:

  • Eat well, exercise, and get enough sleep.

  • Meet regularly with college counselor to discuss resume, teacher recs, college list.

  • Prepare for and take standardized tests for college admission (ACT and/or SAT).

  • Attend CIS College Fair in April.

  • Second semester, formally ask two teachers to write a recommendation letter for you.

  • Begin building your college list. Your goal is to identify schools that will be a good fit for you and to make sure that you apply to at least two schools in which you are likely to be accepted based on objective information, with a full complement of possible/middle schools (roughly a 50:50 chance) and reach schools (roughly less than a 30 percent chance of admission based on objective data). Refining this list comprises much of the work of the spring semester junior year and even first semester senior year with your college counselor.

  • Begin marinating on college essay topics and ideas.