10th Grade College Counseling


10th Grade

In the sophomore year, students should continue to take advantage of the opportunities both at CIS and in Columbia. Strong academic and extracurricular involvement is crucial.

The college process gently begins when the sophomores take the PSAT for practice in the fall of the sophomore year. This test marks the beginning of taking the standardized tests. Although the scores from the PSATs are NOT used for admissions, scores do help students begin to gauge testing strengths and weaknesses.

What we do:

  • Administer the PSAT.

  • Administer Pre-ACT.

  • Meet with students to review transcripts.

  • Review course options and graduation requirements.

  • Work with students in Naviance on a variety of college prep tools.

  • Meet monthly with students to discuss personal goals and interests.

What parents do:

  • Attend parent meeting in March.

  • Help your student to maintain a healthy life balance.

  • Assist your student in creating interesting summer plans.

  • Consider incorporating a college visit or two with a summer vacations.

  • Review PSAT scores with the individual student and discuss study strategies for the PSAT/NMSQT in 11th grade.

 What students do:

  • Maintain goals from freshmen year.

  • Get involved. You still have time to try new things, but remember depth over breadth.

  • Give back to your community in a meaningful way.

  • Use the Career finding tools and assessments in Naviance.

  • Eat well, exercise, and get enough sleep.

  • Begin reading about colleges through Naviance or another search tool.

  • Visit college campuses, if time permits. You are still in the early research phase of choosing what types of schools you prefer.

  • Meet with College Counselor to review transcripts.

  • Study and prepare for the PSAT and pre-ACT.

  • Continue to cultivate relationships with teachers and/or coaches at school.

  • Again, use your summer to continue to expand your horizons. Find a job, take a class, continue with your art or music, attend sports camp, do a language immersion program, find an internship, volunteer.

  • Attend CIS College Fair in April.