Senior Profiles

2016 Senior Profiles 

James Davis

As a member of the kindergarten class of 2003, James Davis joins a small but thriving group of students who have attended CIS for the entirety of their academic career. The son of Curt and Karen Davis, he is dedicated to a wide range of extracurriculars both in and out of CIS. He has studied piano for more than twelve years, playing as a member of multiple bands and in his church, and is also a 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae-Kwan-Do. He has been involved with chess club, National Junior Honor Society, National Honor Society, Madrigal Choir, soccer, and tennis. Along with the rest of his senior class, James traveled to el Chino, Peru as part of the Be the Change Volunteers Trip in July of 2015. James will attend the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS, where he plans to study architectural engineering.

Elly Grant

Elly Grant, the daughter of Mark and Laura Grant, is also a thirteen year veteran of CIS. A dedicated academic, she is a key member of the school community and an enthusiastic student. She is president of the National Honor Society, leading all of the volunteer efforts for the 2015-2016 school year. She is also a regular participant in Science Olympiad, where she was a third and fourth place medalist at the state level last year. She has traveled multiple times with CIS, and cites the 2015 Be the Change Volunteers trip to el Chino, Peru as one of her favorite school memories. A National Merit Scholar Finalist, Elly will attend Washington University in St. Louis, MO, where she currently plans to study biology.

Josiah Kee

Josiah Kee has attended CIS since the sixth grade and is a recipient of the Jefferson Moore Award. He is the son of Dana and Chara Kee. He is well-known among the school community and his peers as a driven musician, making his musical mark on guitar wherever he goes. At CIS he plays in the jazz band, as well as student-led bands outside of the classroom. Josiah is also a regular participant in a range of activities, racking up time across the whole gamut of CIS sports—cross country, soccer, track, tennis, and basketball— as well as joining student groups such as National Honor Society, Student Council, Science Olympiad, Interact, and the 2015 Be the Change Volunteers trip to Peru. He will attend Central Methodist University in Fayette, MO, where he will study music ministry.

Elise McCosh

The daughter of Bob McCosh and Traci Best, Elise McCosh is another long-time Lion who has attended since her kindergarten year. She is a vibrant member of the student body and has taken on many leadership roles in her tenure at CIS. In addition to serving as president of Student Council, Interact, and Choir in her senior year alone, Elise has also been involved in Model United Nations and soccer since her freshman year. She has also lent her expertise as a Student Ambassador to school visitors for six years. A seasoned traveler, Elise has circled the globe on school trips to el Chino, Peru, to Italy, and to Germany, as well as a trip to the United Kingdom through People to People. Elise plans to attend the University of Denver in Denver, CO, where she is considering majoring in psychology.


Christopher Melnyk

Christopher Melnyk, the son of Andrew and Julie Melnyk, has also been at CIS since his kindergarten year. With a wide array of interests, he has participated across the board in sports, academic, and musical activities. He is a seasoned member of the upper school tennis team, and also lent his talents to the soccer and basketball teams. A well-spoken performer, Chris has received awards for his oratory performances and was a Poetry Out Loud finalist. He is also a long-time member of the CIS jazz band and Columbia Youth Chamber Orchestra. Along with other members of his senior class, he was a member of the Be the Change Volunteers trip to el Chino, Peru in 2015. Chris plans to attend Austin College in Sherman, Texas, where he will study philosophy.

Margaret Rong

The most recent addition to the Class of 2016, Margaret Rong arrived at CIS in the 10th grade. An international student hailing from Beijing, China, she is the child of Baoshan Rong. Margaret has added her own special touch to this small senior class, involving herself across a spectrum of activities. She has competed for our track team and in both Science Olympiad and Math Counts. As a member of the Writing Club she has served as secretary in her senior year. She is also a member of Interact, where she volunteers her efforts outside of school. Margaret will attend the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where she will study economics and business management.