The Pride Fund

We’re All In!

The Pride Fund, our annual giving campaign, provides the additional funds necessary to maintain our budget, and makes excellence possible every day. These 100% tax-deductible gifts bridge the gap between tuition and the true cost of a CIS education; supporting professional development, upgrading technology, strengthening our athletics and arts programs, and retaining top faculty and staff.  

This year, We’re All In for CIS! Our goal is 100% participation, and regardless of the amount of the contribution, every gift counts. These gifts, large and small, sustain our programs and allow us to continue to build a vibrant and dynamic community.    

Additionally, you can choose to direct your contribution to the 2016-2017 Pride Fund to a specific area of interest to you.  

What can your gift do?

  • $50 provides materials for a science/innovation project 
  • $250 sends a teacher to a training conference
  • $500 purchases an iPad for a classroom
  • $2,000 provides lower school math professional development
  • $5,000 pays for internet and network upgrades 

We’re All In for the 2016-2017 Pride Fund! Are you?  

Questions about the Pride Fund?  Contact Bridgid Kinney, Director of Advancement, at 573-777-9250 or