CIS Intrasession Program Introduces Students to Potential Career Paths Through Unique Experiential Learning Opportunities

March 21, 2017

CIS Intrasession Program Introduces Students to Potential Career Paths Through Unique Experiential Learning Opportunities

Columbia Independent School (CIS) is conducting its fourth annual Intrasession program this week. Ninth through twelfth grade students will trade their formal coursework for weeklong concentrated enrichment opportunities. Partnering with local experts and organizations, CIS students will network and gain first-hand experience in a career field of potential interest. This year’s course topics include: astronomy, escape rooms, documentaries and fashion.

The way this program broadens students’ horizons to different career paths is unique to the greater Columbia community. “Intrasession gives us a break from our studies and is something fun to do,” said Senior Khristen Bryant. “It gives us the opportunity to choose courses that are different from our normal studies and could introduce us to potential career fields.”

Students who have elected to join Astronomy 101 will visit a planetarium, stargaze, map the night, and make telescopes. The total solar eclipse is almost here and students will have a prime location to view this stellar rare event.

The gaming group will learn the basics of game theory as it’s being used in several contexts, with particular focus on its uses in educational settings. A central part of this course will be the design and build of their own game: an escape room! Students will visit local experts in gaming and spend a significant portion of each day creating an escape room. 

CIS documentary students will explore their world through film. They will watch and analyze award-winning documentaries, learn the filmmaking process from local and national experts, and create their own documentary. Students will travel off campus to shoot footage, search for ideas and learn from Columbia’s filmmaking community in a quest to share stories that deepen their understanding of the human experience.

“The New You” Intrasession course will be packed with hair, make-up and fashion tutorials, as well as exploring the history of fashion and the care of clothes. Along with these tutorials, students will learn about self-care and how to properly dress for job interviews and other life events.

“At Columbia Independent School we aspire to offer educational experiences that challenge students intellectually and provide opportunities to develop problem-solving and collaboration

skills,” stated Jason Bricker, middle and upper school director at CIS. “Intrasession provides an avenue to broaden horizons for our students, to think beyond the classroom walls.”

Junior Anushah Choudhry talked about her involvement with the program. “I love Intrasession. This is my third time participating and I love being able to take this week and learn and explore new things.”

CIS’s 2017 Intrasession will culminate on Friday, March 24th at 2:15 p.m. in the CIS Cafeteria with student presentations about their weeklong experiences. 

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