Faculty Book Recommendations

Faculty Recommended Reads

Looking for something educational and inspirational to read? Check out what CIS faculty are reading about teaching and parenting.

March 2016 - Mrs. Hemme, Kindergarten

Mrs. Hemme

Life in the Blender

by Sandi Patty 

When divorce and remarriage blend two families together, children are looking for what they are used to and can be slow to accept the change. “When you combine a family,” says kindergarten teacher Cindy Hemme, “it’s not how you think it’s going to be.” Hemme’s mother-in-law gave her this book when she first remarried, and she found the author’s experience of “failing forward” insightful and encouraging. The author’s practical advice for navigating thorny issues proved invaluable. As a stepparent in a blended family of five kids in first through twelfth grades, Hemme learned to love her children where they were at and to “give them the space to accept this reality.”

February 2016 - Mr. O’Toole, MS/US Science

Mr. O'Toole

Practicing the Art of Leadership

by Reginald Leon Green

“The book stresses that leadership is all about relationships and understanding the dynamics of those relationships,” says Middle and Upper School science teacher Mr. O’Toole. The book offers many illustrations and theories of how relationships work with respect to leadership. In the Situational Leadership Model, for instance, the way one leads depends on the motivation and ability of one’s followers. The leader may choose to support, coach, delegate, or direct. Mr. O’Toole read the book as part of his graduate studies and said what he learned applies both to leading a class as a teacher and various leadership roles within a school.

January 2016 - Mrs. Hancock, Junior Kindergarten

Mrs. Hancock

Teaching with Love and Logic

by Jim Fay and David Funk

“I’ve been a supporter of this approach for many, many years,” says junior kindergarten teacher Mrs. Hancock. “It’s been around a while but is still very effective.” The Love and Logic disciplinary method involves positive techniques to increase the level of students’ responsibility and ability to think for themselves. Mrs. Hancock received training from the author himself when she was a Head Start coordinator, and she says Jim Fay is fun to read because he was an educator and principal for more than 31 years. The strategies are easy to modify for a wide span of ages and work well for students with ADHD and behavior problems. The Love and Logic Institute offers a wide variety of resources for parents as well.

December 2015 - Mrs. Cooper, MS/US Latin

Mrs. Cooper

Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting

by Pamela Druckerman

When an American journalist found herself raising her baby in Paris, she observed that French children were noticeably well-behaved. They slept through the night at 2-3 months old and always ate their vegetables. After reading this book, Mrs. Cooper attests that French parenting techniques have also worked with her daughter. “It’s about developing a routine for baby that also works for your life,” Mrs. Cooper says. Parents are not to feel guilty for what they cannot do and are to encourage their children to develop patience.  “It’s important to research your options. You don’t have to agree with all of them,” Mrs. Cooper says.

November 2015 - Mr. Terwelp, MS/US Latin

Mr. Terwelp

What book is Mr. Terwelp reading? 

He isn’t just reading books. He’s making them! 

Resident Latin scholar and jack-of-all-trades, Mr. Terwelp taught himself how to make books out of regular sheets of paper cut in half. Pictured here with a guest book he made for the Gala, Terwelp sewed the binding with synthetic sinew and covered it with dark leather. Each book takes several days to construct, and he simply enjoys the process itself. Thus far he has handmade about seven books of various sizes. “I just keep making them,” Mr. Terwelp says, “because it is hands-on creativity.” 

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